I'm the kind of person who believes in squeezing the most out of life. I live for the simple and raw moments in life. If I'm not tending to my veggie garden or baking fresh bread, you can find me bird watching or reading the latest romance novel on my Kindle. All I need is a lesson in crochet and I'm all set for the senior home. You see, I may not enjoy the typical hobbies of a 35 year old, but I'm true to myself and what brings me joy... and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I serve clients who have been with me for more than a decade. It gives me warm fuzzies knowing I get to watch their stories unfold and capture their memories along the way.

hi, i'm amanda

In 2006 I went off to the University of Central Oklahoma to pursue Broadcasting. Instead, I found myself down the hall studying photography. Shortly after graduation, I shot my first wedding. A few years later, I had brides coming back for maternity and family photos. You could say it was love at first sight, because I haven't set down my camera since that day. Thirteen years later, I'm still documenting couples who are madly in love and all their special milestones that take place along the way.

Today, I serve clients who have been with me for more than a decade. It gives me warm fuzzies knowing I get to watch their stories unfold and capture their memories along the way. My number one goal when you look back at your photos is for you to remember how you felt in that exact moment. Whether it's the "the love of your life walking down the aisle" kind of nerves or the blissful exhaustion you feel while staring into your newborn's eyes...those are the moments worth freezing in time.

Honestly, I sort of fell into this passion.

I'm overjoyed you're here! Reach out and let's start curating the perfect shoot together.

of my favorite things

These are a few

fun facts

I have the cutest little miniature schnauzer named Ollie who loves naps, cuddles and gets irritated when I feed him even 5 minutes late (he’s my true spirit animal)

I’m a 3a curly girl

You’ll rarely find me with more than mascara and lip gloss on. I don’t have the patience for a long morning routine so I’m extremely low maintenance!

I’m not the person who patiently waits in line.

You can bet I'll find a shortcut to get to where I’m going as efficiently as possible.

The “jump to recipe” button on Pinterest was created just for me.

The Merlin ID Bird app is my new favorite-if you don’t have it, go get it!!

I've been married 11 years and have 2 beautiful daughters.

I understand how big of a deal it is to find the PERFECT fit in a photographer. My goal is to curate the most beautiful/ memorable shoot while creating an experience you’ll never forget. Reach out and let’s see if we’re a match!

let's start curating

Kelsey + Jorden

She is seriously so sweet and even through rain checks and everything she managed to stay calm, cool, and collected. Did I mention she took our engagements in July while pregnant. She didn’t complain one time and managed to get all different angles! Our pictures turned out beautiful and amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our big life event!

Amanda took our engagement and wedding photos. We had about a two year engagement but she did awesome at keeping in touch. Her personality in person and even through email is what sold us!

"She is seriously so sweet."

Tracy - MOB

She captured clear and beautiful pictures from the church to the rooftop of The Mayo! Book her!!

Amanda was so thoughtful and accommodating when we planned a wedding in just 6 weeks!

"so thoughtful and accommodating."

Haley + Geof

She isn't just professional and incredibly talented, she makes you feel like family and, really, what more could you ask for?

Amanda has been capturing beautiful memories of my family for several years.

"professional and incredibly talented."

love notes

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